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Our Philosophy

Parents and staff of Morgantown ELF cherish the worth and dignity of each child. Our goal is to provide a succession of experiences whereby each child may have the opportunity to develop at her/his own rate as he/she becomes an individual who develops the following skills:

Personal Values & Skills:

  • Learning to manage feelings

  • Develop the ability to organize, plan and follow through on simple tasks

  • Increase ability to make wise choices and decisions in a consistent manner

  • Develop the ability to set standards for personal behavior and to live by them, reaching immediate concepts of right and wrong

  • Establish routine and patterns of living

  • Find both satisfactions and limitation in the field of make-believe

  • Expect failures as well as successes

Academic Learning:

  • Satisfying natural curiosity resulting in creative learnings

  • Develop new interests and build on recent ones

  • Bring to consciousness their environment that he/she does not perceive (physical and biological)

  • Learn to think, learn how things are done

  • Expand knowledge through exploration, investigation, assimilation and reflection

  • Develop appreciation and interest in books

  • Apply mathematic and scientific information to a solution of a problem

Group Values & Relationships:

  • Feeling wanted, valued and cared for by his/her peers and adults in his/her life

  • Become a social person, learn to interact with age mates

  • Learn to be a part of a social group

  • Learn to share and cooperate with others


Partnership with Parents:

  • Learn to relate self to family and near associates

  • Selection of clothing, toys and activities appropriate for his/her development level

  • Develop and understanding of change through developmental sequence

  • Participate in educational experiences that cannot be offered through the home situation, extending experiences through cooperative involving teacher, parent and child

  • Begin to recognize his/her individuality through identification with family members and other age peers


Our enrollment consists of families with diverse cultural backgrounds. In relation, our curriculum emphasizes multi-cultural awareness. One component for our Pre-K collaboration includes the integration of Spanish and Sign Language lessons.  Furthermore weekly diversity lessons are completed in each classroom.  These lessons tie into the planning involved in creating a variety of multi-cultural themed meals that the children enjoy for lunch every Friday.  

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