Pre-K 1

Connie McClurg
Lead Teacher

Ms. Connie has been at ELF for 27 years. She has an Associate and Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education and Development with a minor in Spanish. In addition to being a Pre-K Teacher, she is also a Developmental Specialist for WV Birth to Three. She enjoys reading, watching NFL and spending time with her adult children.

Lead Teacher

Ms. Nacole has a Bachelor's degree in Arts, WVIT certificate, and is currently working on a degree in Early Childhood Education.  She has been at ELF for more than 10 years. She lives on a 25 acre farm and in her spare time she makes and sells quilts. She loves crafting, going camping, fishing and spending time with friends and family.

Pre-K 2


Lead Teacher

Assistant Teacher
Emalee Arbogast.JPG

Ms. Allyssa comes to ELF with six years of previous childcare experience! She graduated from WVU with not only a Bachelors but also a Masters in Elementary Education! Ms. Allyssa enjoys working with children because she loves to watch them use their own experiences to learn in a new way! In her spare time she takes care of her cats. 

Miss Emalee is new to ELF's team. She is from Pocahontas County, WV and is excited to join our team. In her free time, Miss Emalee enjoys reading and cooking. She loves to learn new recipes. She grew up on a farm with four siblings. She loves getting to work with children because they are funny and easily make everyday brighter.



Lead Teacher



Assistant Teacher

Ms. Amanda loves to work with children. She is currently working on getting her Bachelors Degree in Psychology. In her free time she enjoys kayaking, camping and spending time with her dog Maeby and her boyfriend Skye. One thing many people don’t know about her is that one day she hopes to write a children’s book!

Ms. Stacie comes to ELF with 30 years experience of teaching! She has 3 children, TAD, Colton, and Riley. She enjoys riding Harleys and cooking. She especially loves to spend time with her grandchildren. Her biggest life accomplishment is watching the kids that she taught turn into grown ups. 





Lead Teacher

Mrs. Shakeira has worked with ELF for the past two years.. She previously worked as a CNA. In her free time she likes to read and do outdoor activities. Something that not many people know about Miss. Moss is that she is afraid of the dark. She loves to work with children because she gets to share her knowledge with them!



Assistant Teacher

Miss Cheyenne is originally from Morgantown, but just recently moved back after living in Colorado for a while. She has one dog who she loves to take on walks and hikes. Miss Cheyenne loves working with children because there is always something to do and they are so much fun to be around!





Lead Teacher

Ms. Bethany comes to ELF with three years of previous experience in child care. When working with children, she enjoys watching them learn and grow. In Ms. Bethany's spare time, she enjoys watching Netflix, hiking and going to the gym. She is one of five children! Ms. Bethany has three sisters and one brother. She also has always enjoyed basketball


Assistant Teacher/PIC

Ms. Madison is from Maryland but currently lives in Morgantown, WV. She just recently completed her time serving for the United States Navy. She has two cats that she loves to cuddle. In her free time, Ms. Madison enjoys dancing, playing soccer, traveling, and watching movies/TV. She loves working with children because of their wild curiosity. 

Toddler 1- Kiwis



Lead Teacher

Anna Kaliakin.JPG


Assistant Teacher/PIC

Ms. Billiejo joins our teams with two years of previous childcare experience, including substitute teaching! In her spare time, she enjoys making crafts and playing with her six dogs! Ms. Billiejo enjoys working with kids to watch them grow and learn! 

Miss. Anna comes to us from ELF Site 2. In her free time, she loves to play with her dogs, go on hikes and hang out with her friends. Her favorite thing about working with children is all the joy they bring to her life!

Toddler 2-Lemons




Lead Teacher


Assistant Teacher

Ms. Jennifer graduated from WVU in 2016 with a MDS degree. She specialized in Child Development and Family Studies, Special Education, and Early Interventions. She loves spending time with her husband and son.

Mr. Tristan is new to the ELF team. He was born and raised in Morgantown, WV. In the past, he has worked as a musician and photographer. Mr. Tristan has two cats named Peter and Rowan. In his free time, he enjoys playing the mandolin, riding his bike, and taking pictures with his "old-timey" camera. Mr. Tristan loves working with children because he has the opportunity to play and learn with them! 

Resource Teachers


Timber Newhouse

Office Manager/ PIC

Miss. Timber comes to us from Uniontown, PA. In her free time, she likes to play golf and swim. She was previously a life guard. Her biggest accomplishment was being in the front of a parade at Walt Disney World for band. She can even play the flute and piccolo. She loves working with children because she loves helping to shape their mind and see them grow into wonderful people.

Assistant Teacher/ PIC

Ms. Chloe is currently a junior at WVU studying Occupational Therapy. She enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, playing volleyball and reading. She has 2 cats, Miley and Riley that she loves. Her favorite thing about kids is their imagination because it brings out their creativity




Assistant Teacher

Miss Kari is from Morgantown,WV. She has worked with children for the past two years. She has 2 cats, that she loves to spoil! In her free time, she enjoys painting, playing tennis, going on hikes and gardening. She loves working with children because of their creative minds.


Assistant Teacher

Miss Morgan lives in Morgantown and attends WVU. Something interesting about Miss Morgan is that she loves to learn and would rather watch a documentary on any subject over watching another move genre. Miss Morgan loves to make art, sing and spend time with her friends. She loves having the opportunity to work with children so that she can help them feel safe and loved by letting them know that she is always there for them!


Assistant Teacher

Miss Olivia is from Charlottesville, VA but currently lives in Morgantown. In the past, she has worked as a Montessori preschool teacher. She loves getting to spend time with friends and having the opportunity to travel to new places--she has been to 6 different countries! Miss Olivia's biggest accomplishment is being the first person in her family to go to college. She loves working with children because of their positive attitude and good spirits!

Assistant Teacher

Ms. Cailey has been with ELF for two years. She lives in Morgantown. Something nobody knows about Ms. Cailey is that she is scared of Crickets. She likes working with kids because there is always something to do!

Assistant Teacher

Miss Hannah is from Morgantown, WV and is a new member to our ELF team. In the past she has worked as a summer camp counselor, and also has baby sat for private families. She has a dog named Buster that she loves getting to spend time with. She enjoys swimming, walking, and spending time with her family. She is a recent graduate of West Virginia University. She loves getting to work with children because they make every day more entertaining.

Assistant Teacher/PIC

Miss. Darby is new to ELF. In the past she has worked at group homes, as a WVU program assistant, and as a server. She has a dog named Luna. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, going to the beach, and painting. She loves working with children because of the relationship that can grow between a child and a teacher.


Assistant Teacher

Mr. Jared comes to us with 2 previous years experience

working with kids. He loves basketball, singing, dancing and 

video games. Something that he is most proud of is graduating basic training. He loves working with kids because everyday is



Kitchen Manager
Assistant Cook

Miss. Elysia is part of the team that makes ELF delicious meals! In the past she has worked as a pastry chef. She has a dog named Bella. In her free time she enjoys baking, eating, running and watching movies. Her biggest life accomplishment has been getting her ice cream put on the menu of a New Orleans restaurant. 

Mr Jack is part of our behind the scenes kitchen team! In the past he has worked as a camp counselor. In his free time, Mr. Jack enjoys playing sports and video games. His biggest life accomplishment is getting admitted into the WVU Psychology Program.