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About Us

Our mission is to create a challenging early learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through developmentally-appropriate instruction that allows for individual differences and learning styles. We believe in the power of play and understanding the whole, individual child. 

At Morgantown Early Learning Facility, our commitment is to provide a child care experience that conveys a level of distinction that continually exceeds expectations and demonstrates excellence through every component of our program.


Our staff is dedicated to the mission of ensuring that extensive opportunities are available in order to educate the whole child. Our curriculum format not only focuses on the academic development of each student, but rather it expands on their experience in order to cultivate the children emotionally, socially, physically and nutritionally. 


ELF, due to operating as a non-profit corporation, supplements tuition in a variety of ways. Fundraising is a vital part of ELF. There are numerous fundraising opportunities throughout the year such as book fairs, and Sarris Candy sales, and Basket Raffles to name a few. This allows us to provide a quality educationally based environment that our parents expect for their children.


The overall operation of ELF is managed through an administrative team with the guidance of a Board of Directors. This leadership team consists of a combination of parents, teachers and staff from all four components of our program. Elections are conducted each fall to fill vacancies. Members generally serve a term of three years.

Current Board Members:

Katherine Kopp, President,

Maureen Palmer, Vice President,
Gina Graziani, Secretary, 

Stephanie Phillips, Treasurer,

Mollie Mock-Kaufman,

Emmalee Mohan,

Mandy Grogg,

Alexandra Huff,



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