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Each family must complete an application and submit a $50 application fee for enrollment. A wait list is created for each age level. Children are received into the program on a basis of the earliest application and must be at least 12 months of age at the time of enrollment. Parents sign a contract for a full contract term and are responsible for tuition throughout the term unless a replacement can fill that vacancy upon early departure.

The tuition fee schedule is below. Monthly payments are made through ACH or credit card payments. It is an automatic withdrawal system that can be arranged to receive deductions from your bank account or credit card company for ease of payment.

Once a spot is confirmed, families will need to fill out the following paperwork for enrollment:


  • Enrollment contract

  • Signature of receipt and review of Parent Handbook

  • 2 Authorization documentation 

  • 2 Emergency medical information

  • Copy of current well-child visit

  • Copy of current immunization record

  • Tuition Payment Form


Children in Pre-K ONLY need to also provide a certificate of live birth and dental visit documentation.

Please contact for more information.


Summer Program 2024

Summer Program- For Rising 1st-6th Grade Students

Full Summer Program-$2300

$500 Non-refundable Deposit Due with Contract

Enrollment begins March 4th, 2024

Weekly Enrollment- $225/Week

$100/Week Non-Refundable Deposit Due with Contract

Weekly enrollment begins March 18th, 2024

Please Note: Summer fees only reflect the full day Summer Program. This contract also encompasses the entirety

of the summer. We are unable to reimburse tuition for days not utilized during the summer program.

To register for summer program, complete the below summer contract and submit with your deposit. Contact with any questions.




Tuition Rates for 2023-2024

Toddler Program - 1 year-old (12mo-24mo)

$1200 per month

Toddler Program - 2 year-old (24mo-36mo)

$925 per month

Preschool Program - 3-4 year-old

$925 per month

Pre-Kindergarten Program (Monongalia County Collaborative)

$700 per month (September - May)

$925 per month (June - August)


Pre-Kindergarten Program (Morgantown ELF ONLY)

$925 per month

Elementary Program - Ages 5 through 12 

Before and After School ONLY- $500 per month

After School ONLY- $360.00 per month

Before School ONLY- $260.00 per month

Summer 2024 ONLY- $2300.00 for full summer or $225 per week

Policies and Procedures


Please review these guidelines. They briefly explain information pertaining to the overall functions of the facility such as tuition, clothing requests, fundraising, parking guidelines, etc.


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