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Teaching Assistant


Ms. Hannah is from Charleston, WV, but currently lives in Morgantown and attends WVU College of Law. She has worked at ELF for the past three years. She loves hiking and going to the beach. Ms. Hannah has a pet beta fish, and enjoys taking care of her plants. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her best friends, working out, and travel to new places, her favorite thus far has been Italy!



Teaching Assistant


Miss. Anna comes to ELF from New Jersey. She is a senior at WVU majoring in Elementary Education. In her free time, she loves to play with her dogs, go on hikes and hang out with her friends. Her favorite thing about working with children is all the joy they bring to her life!

Teaching Assistant

Mr. Jonny comes to us from Charolette, NC! He has worked with children for more than five years. In his spare time, Mr Jonny enjoys working out and playing with his two dogs Georgia and Brody. Something interesting about Mr. Jonny is that he has a twin brother. Mr. Jonny loves to work with children because he loves being able to have positive impact on their lives.

Danielle Neely

Teaching Assistant


Ms. Danielle is a Morgantown native and has worked at ELF for two years. She is a Speech Pathology major here at WVU. In Ms. Danielle's spare time, she enjoys hiking, swimming, and painting. Her dream has always been to live in New York City. She enjoys working with children because their minds are free and full of fresh ideas! 



Teaching Assistant


Miss. Michaela joins us with 3 years of previously working at a REACHH Reading Camp with children. Miss. Michaela is a Communications Disorder major at WVU and is the first in her family to attend college! She loves working with children to see their unique personalities shine through and watch as they grow. 

Teaching Assistant

Miss. Ruth is from Limerick, Pennsylvania! She loves to meet new people and is excited to become close with our ELF families! Miss. Ruth enjoys working with children because it is something new everyday and she loves that they are always fun to be around.

Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistant

Miss. Ally is from Brookeville, Maryland. She has worked as a baby sitter for the past 8 years. In her free time she enjoys, hanging out with friends, playing video games and making arts and crafts. She loves to work with children because she loves getting to make them smile and help them learn!

Miss. Emma is from Middletown, NJ. She has two dogs, two cats, and even a snail! In her free time she enjoys painting, hiking, and spending time with family and friends. Something interesting about Miss. Emma is that she got to see the Northern Lights in Ireland. She loves working with kids because everyday is a new challenge and adventure.

Teaching Assistant

Mr. Zach is from Baltimore, MD. He is a new face here at ELF 2. In his free time, Mr. Zach likes to play football, exercise and is very interested in politics. Mr. Zach has a black belt in Karate. His favorite thing about working with children is getting to see them grow and develop.

Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistant

Miss. Renee is a new face at ELF. She is from Maryland, but lives in Morgantown while attending WVU. Miss Renee enjoys painting, skateboarding, reading and cooking. Her biggest life accomplishment is being the first person in her family to attend college! She loves working with children because everyday is a new adventure and you never know what's in store. 

Bus Driver

Miss. Francesca is from Mount Airy, MD. In her free time, Miss. Fran enjoys hiking, painting, refinishing furniture and playing with her dog named Memphis. She is a Engineering major at WVU. She loves to work with children because she enjoys to see them grow into amazing little people. 

Mr. Charlie has been with Morgantown ELF for the past four years as our bus driver. In the past he has worked as WVU’s Facilities Project Manager. He is married, with one child and enjoys sports and outdoor activities. Charlie also enjoys traveling to South Carolina.


Flopsy has been at ELF Site 2 for three years. She loves eating, especially veggies and alfalfa. She is soft. Although she may be quiet vocally she expresses herself in many ways. Flopsy is a weekend traveler, often crossing the state line into Point Marion, PA. She loves hanging out with her friends at ELF as well as her furry canine friends, Layla, Josie, and Roxie.

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